Diaz, Penn, Palaszewski & Cerrone 75k OTN bonuses

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                                Diaz, Penn, Palaszewski & Cerrone 75k OTN bonuses

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Nick Diaz, B.J. Penn, Bart Palaszewski and Donald Cerrone each earned $75,000 fight-night bonuses for their effforts at UFC 137.

Palaszewski earned his  "Knockout of the Night" with a vicious first-round knockout of fellow featherweight Tyson Griffin in one of the night's two Spike TV fights.

In the other Spike TV fight, Cerrone earned his "Submission of the Night" for his rear-naked-choke submission of fellow lightweight contender Dennis Siver.

After dropping the first round when Penn proved accurate with his strikes, Diaz turned on the heat in the next two rounds and battered the former champion like he's never been battered before.

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