Diaz post fight interview video


he;s says he's the best in the world, most well rounded in the world and whatnot... then talks about how he wants to get payed... Fight in the UFC then. If your the best you'll get payed a lot.

But no... stays with strikeforce.

I don't think he's shying away from ufc, Dana is the one blocking the return. Phone Post

 "I wanna fight the best, I wanna get paid. I wanna drive nice cars and all that shit, you know, come on look at my face right now."

"Where's my shoe, man? Gimme my shoe." Phone Post

 most well rounded would get more takedowns against a boxer. best 170  in the world wouda finished a 155.


Were you hurt at all? I mean, you have cuts.

"No, this is what happens from fighting...you get punched."

^ I love fighters like this. Not afraid to engage just because there's danger.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuQnRP53xNQ&feature=sub his brothers interview