Diaz returns vs. Lawler in Five Round UFC 266 Co-headliner

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Perfect match making by the UFC. Diaz is my favorite fighter of all-time and I had zero interest in seeing him come back and get killed vs a guy like Chimaev.

I still think there’s a chance Lawler kills him here. Hard to come back after that long of a layoff. Also wonder how much the years of partying took a toll on him. Excited as fuck regardless.




I pray to God Nick still has the fire in him and has been training this whole time. If so, I think Robbie will be an easy W for him to come back to. Nick is better than him at everything


Rooting for Nick but have a feeling he is going to get flatlined. Hope I am wrong

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Everyone who seems to think Robbie is gonna win, do y’all realize he’s on a 4 fight losing streak? Lol. He’s not the same guy who was in a war with Rory Macdonald and beat him late

Man i hope Nick looks good!



Nick doesn’t have a power or strength advantage.

Let’s hope both of these guys can still pull the trigger. Robbie has looked lost in the cage in his last 3 or 4 fights.

He…. Literally knocked him out. And took Robbie’s bombs to the chin and was fine

What a match!! I actually believe Lawler wins this fight. I don’t think DIaz is half as good as he was when they fought the first time and Lawler wont be knocked out. This might be a really bad comparison but volume is not what knocks out Lawler just watch Colby he had like what over 250 punches.

Nick still doesn’t have a power or strength advantage.

If Nick is in shape he should win this easy. Lawler stands and brawls with you, big mistake against Nick and his octopus arms. He whips punches from all kinds of angles, throws non stop, and has an iron chin.

The only sure ways of beating Diaz is wrestle fuck him or make it a boring fight by fighting him from the outside, and thems ain’t Lawlers style. It’s going to be a repeat of their first fight if Nick hasn’t slowed down too much.


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damn, he can probably transfer some of that hair to his head for a full head of hair again.

Exactly what I thought the first time they fought. Didn’t seem to matter much

That does not look like Nick

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Your right.Nick with a beard seems unnatural.Maybe he is tired of shaving?