Diaz, Shields and Shamrock

 Do an MMA seminar/info session for the press:




kinda strange. the man commentating on what their doing bad mouthed, and beat by first round KO, the instructor of both demonstrators

ya think that kinda stuff bothers guys like shields and diaz?

Cool demo, UFC should do more stuff like this - increase the awareness


They did this kinda thing for grappling before with Laimon and though most people can recognize most of the subs now (the ave joes i was with could see Tito's triangle was loose on the pulling arm), imo the majority of fans still need to be summarized on how broad the game is.

I think the most importang to cover is the strategy and things that are unique to MMA.

How do you box without getting taken down.

You can use the clinch to td your opponent or dirty box or plumb.

How you modify tds for MMA from wrestling or judo?

How does GNP effect ground grappling?

Frank is very articulate. This a great demo. Cool to watch 2 guys of Shields and Diaz's caliber just flow spar.

Cool vid.