Diaz taunts vs Condit worse than vs Lawler

Similar stuff but not being told "no talking" this time by the ref. Also, pretending to be hurt against Condit's body shot.....legit LOL.

Diaz is an assclown... People get mad at Chael for treating mma like pro wrestling, and then those same people are fans of Nick Diaz... Makes no sense! Phone Post

I do think these taunts are having an effect on Condit, same way Anderson's showboating tends to freeze up his opponents (e.g. Okami).

Looks silly as he's losing the fight. Phone Post

Taking the back, probably talking shit to him there too.

My opinion, before the decision: Condit didn't look like he wanted to fight, I don't believe he was selectively picking his shots, seemed more like he was reluctant to engage. I think Diaz "getting up in his mug" threw him off, and that Diaz won the fight.

Eh, so much for that. Congrats, Condit.