Diaz Teammate Nick Maximov Wants Khamzat

Sure it did. It aged great if you are tired of hearing all the trash talk from Nate while he keeps losing.

The kid said it would be a finish.

“I think it’s a finish,” Maximov said. “I think it’s a UFC fighter vs. a regional fighter. He was trying to dog the people that I fought, and all of them have winning records, and the two dudes he’s fought in the UFC aren’t even here no more.

That other Team Diaz kid they were hyping up ended up going 0-2 in the UFC and 1-2 in Bellator but he got a fight vs a Jake Paul sparring partner one of those Jake Paul cards so I’m sure they are gonna try to get some mileage out of that.

I don’t blame him for his comments. He’s trying to build a name. Shit talking seems to be the quickest way to do it. First, he should focus on finishing people in the cage. I’m interested to see how he evolves from this. He got slept in the area he thought he was dominant.

Team Diaz never produced a good fighter