Diaz: Training injury to blame for loss

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                                Diaz: Training injury to blame for loss

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                    <p>From the start of their fight at UFC on FOX 13, Dos Anjos controlled the pace and dominated Diaz with brutal leg kicks and a solid wrestling and jiu-jitsu game. Diaz has been a long time top ten fighter and has beat some of it&#39;s best, so why did he lose to Dos Anjos so bad? He blames the performance on an injury during fight camp:</p>

“I came here to fight and to win,” Diaz said. “I ran into some issues in camp, and I wish I could’ve fought and won. I know what I can do. I had to come and get paid. I had some issues and was injured. I was not in the best type of shape I could be in. I’m here to fight, always. I’m here, you see me. I’m not like other guys pulling out of fights with injuries. Regardless, I’m going to be here, and show up and show what I can do. I just wish I could’ve been in better shape and had better sparring. Next time. I’ll be here next time. I want to get the job and make it look right.”

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Lol. Phone Post 3.0

His rolling fingers were sprained. Phone Post 3.0

Already two other long threads on the matter

But war diaz 209 blue cheese or fuck your mother Phone Post 3.0

I_AM_THE_CAWKSUCKER - Is he half Brazilian ? Phone Post 3.0
Haha. Right?! Phone Post 3.0

Brain injury IMO Phone Post 3.0

I_AM_THE_CAWKSUCKER - Is he half Brazilian ? Phone Post 3.0
Half Brazilian, half Tito Ortiz. Phone Post 3.0

He separated his rib 8 days out. Shields had told me about it the day that it happened so I'm still rooting for him but I wasn't expecting much and it kind it once he missed weight and it was bad Phone Post 3.0

Once he missed weight I knew it was bad*** Phone Post 3.0

Thx OMA Phone Post 3.0

Not doubting you OMA and he probably was hurt. But he wasn't winning that fight either way. Until he learns to check/handle leg kicks he isn't beating a guy like RDA.

No I hear ya!

It wasn't his best effort. Phone Post 3.0

anyone criticizing Nate certainly has never dislocated a rib. I had this happen to me via elbow from banging around in the post playing basketball and it was hard to eat, hard to breathe, hard to shit, hard to sleep, I couldn't play basketball for 6 weeks much less fight a fucking monster like RDA. Much respect to Nate for trying to fight through that, holy shit