both these guys came onto the UFC scene around the same time, and i remember thinking then that theyd make a good fight. charuto seems to have the more extensive BJJ background but i think their standup is prtty even. itd just be nice to see 2 aggresive jiu jitsu guys with striking going at it.

God I hate Trigg.

Not a bad idea, but I'd rather see Charuto fight
Karo seeing as how he just beat Diaz.

yes but diaz and charuto are both coming off loses. maybe karo/st. pierre rematch?

st. pierre is also coming off a loss and that fight
wasn't close enough for anybody to want a

charuto vs. karo
lytle vs. st. pierre

st. pierre and charuto just fought..

karo vs lytle would be a good match tho..

Charuto vs. Karo, Diaz vs. Lytle or St. Pierre.

Why the fuck would he want to fight an easy opponent?

Diaz vs Lytle / Charuto vs Karo would both be sick.

Karo vs Lytle

St. Pierre vs Charuto

Diaz vs Hallman

rv should great great cardio and gameplan and he should get the title


I dont think Diaz is ready for Verissimo.

A lot of tough guys in the welterweight division. A lot.

The only guys in that division that can escape Charuto triangle are Hughes and Trigg (barely). If Charuto trains seriously, he will triangle Diaz. Diaz's game will succomb to Charuto's BJJ technique.

Why wouldnt Diaz be ready for Verissimo? Diaz has finished 2 opponents in the UFC, and Charuto hasn't. I'm not saying Diaz would finish Charuto but they are definitely in the same class.


Trigg Vs. Hughes for the Belt

St. Pierre Vs. Charuto for a shot at Sherk

Diaz Vs. Pete Spratt just for fun

Koro Vs. loser of St' Pierre/Charuto

Winner of Diaz/Spratt vs loser of Sherk vs. St.Pierre/Charuto

i like charuto but i think people are giving him too much credit, considering he has only beaten a tired looking carlos newton.

Diaz would have to fight Charuto very smart and not play the ground game Charuto been a black belt and Diaz a purple the advantage would go to Charuto,Diaz would have to keep him guessing and do a little bit of everything but i think Charuto pulls the win