Diaz vs. Condit - Ticket Info

UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit takes place Superbowl weekend at the Mandalay Bay on Saturday, February 4th.

Fight Club - Wednesday, December 14 at 10 am

Newsletter - Thursday, December 15 at 10 am

Public - Friday, December 16 at 10 am

Ticket prices are $75, $125, $225, $350, $500 and $750.


War Condit!


Still working on the revision. The original one was so awesome but I can't post it.

why not???? it would be awesome to see


Newsletter tomorrow. Code is SUPERBOWL.

thanks for the heads up

I want to attend if I can get a lower price ticket.

I have been wanting to see this fight since Condit armbarred brock larson in WEC.

Plus Superbowl weekend is always fun in Las Vegas.

 bites saucy in the leg and then swims away