Diaz vs. Lwaler wtf

This fight was rumored to being close to sighned.Anyone have any info on what's up with this fight

ttt for the MFS guys.

I bet Diaz would suprise a couple of people.I dont know the kid but what i have seen has impressed me.

i like nick in that match up!

"Nope. Zuffa decided they wanted to build Diaz up before he gets BRUTALY DOMONATED by Lawler. "

Diaz would submit Lawler.

I think Robbie, as tough as he may be, is the one being buit up in this match up. I would root for Nick, but my money is on Robbie.

Nick is tough , no dought about it . But Jake Sheilds deserves the shot at the UFC from that gym IMO . I know GIll had his chance now is should be Jakes .

I don't think they need to build up anybody. Throw these two dudes in the ring and see what happens. I think it would be an excellent match - up! Nick beat a great stand-up fighter twice--Jeremy Jackson (which was an exciting fight trilogy to watch, BTW), speaking of Jeremy ... UFC should put Jeremy and Robbie together -- two stand-up fighters willing to bang shit up in the ring--that would be a good fight too.

Ah there's tons of good match-ups out there. UFC does a pretty good job at their matchmaking... *sigh*... I suppose I'll have to allow them to pass up this match-up for now-- and do their thing.

Pass up?They should'nt pass up shit.Get these two in the cage and let's see what happen's.I have'nt seen many of Jake Shields fights but i heard he has some big wins.Put him in there too.Let's see what these guys can do.Team Graciefighter has been on a winning tear.I say we see what these guys are made of

This is a tough match where nobody wins easy.


Hopefully we get to find out soon!!!!!!!

I hope Dana White steps up and sighns this f*cking fight.The fans want to see it so make it happen

"Saltyballs- He took Spratt down 3 times.. Yes, that would be the wrestling."

3 times? I admit I haven't watched the fight in a while, but I only remember Lawler getting one takedown. MAYBE two. And Spratt got back to his feet both times. Not only that, but Spratt threw Lawler and mounted him with ease.

jeremy jackson should fight chris lytle and lawler should lose to diaz.

something was off with lawler, he just back peddled for 3 rounds against lytle. But thats right, now HE'S EXCITING.

It is funny how everyone bags on Jake Sields for being boring but ride Robbie Lawlers nuts and say he is exciting.Yeah watching him run around the cage against Lytle and make faces was real f*cking exciting.It was like being at the zoo and watching gorrilas throw shit at people.Entertaining for a second,But gets old real f*cking quick.


I agree Lawler has had some exciting moments.No disrespect was directed towards him.His fight w/spratt he was running.Obviously he was injured so that is more than understandable.His fight with Lytle would be nominated because Lytle made that an exciting fight not Lawler.His only previous fight that was exciting was w/ Aaron Riley and yes that was a barn burner.They both deserve the respect and credit they received.I am not saying people dont have reason to think Shields is boring.I personally like his fights that i have seen and he always semm's to get them on very short notice.When you go to Japan on such short notice and fight tough guys you do what you have to too win

Diaz pretty much dominated and submitted a much tougher and skilled fighter than Lawler in Jeremy Jackson.

Diaz would submit Lawler R2.

That would be a hell of a fight, but I would pick Diaz by submission.

diaz KO. yes I said KO