Diaz vs. Masvidal moved to July

What the fuck is this shit?! What’s that, second or third time now it’s been postponed??


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2nd time

This shit will never happen

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Seems like they’re hoping that if they keep delaying it people will eventually become interested.


I think that is 100% the reason. No one cares about this at all.


They are probably not selling out the Arena,

You do Know

Is that even Masvidal??? He looks and sounds different. Either way, why in the hell was the event originally scheduled to go against the UFC in the first place??? It’s not like the UFC dropped that date on us at the last minute or something. Did they not have Google???

Something tells me Masvidal knows something we don’t, he references Diaz not showing up multiple times, which tells me he’s already been informed that something isn’t going right in the Diaz camp smh

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Get Rampage vs. Briggs on this card to bring some big names to the main stream fans and some kind of hype to this fight card



Do you read the forum? Ever :slight_smile:

This is another fight that will probably never come to fruition…

They have had a beef for all these years (they are probably friends) and are probably trying to just keep themselves in the news

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