Diaz vs. Sherk!!!

MMAWeekly reports that Diaz vs. Sherk for UFC 59

Another loss for Diaz, is he gonna jump sherk in the parking lot after?

This is the weirdest fucking thing ever!!! I was just thinking about an hour ago who would win between these two if they fought and was even going to post a "who would win thread." Very good fight!!!

ttt for the Muscle Shark!!!

Jdog he is always pissed. What does sherk look like? a poodle

I think diaz will jump the sherk .....I mean shark after this fight. just like
the fonz.

I'd rather see Sherk VS Joe Stevenson

link me to the story please I am having troubly finding it! Thanks in advance


i would rather see Sherk vs Diego...

This fight is all in the hands of Nick Diaz. If he is smart...he will stuff Sherk's takedowns and keep the fight standing, but if he is stupid he will try and submit from the bottom...where he will get overpowered (just like Diego overpowered him).

Diaz has proven that he can't hang with the strongest at 170 lbs. His best wins were over Fickett and Lawler who both are skinny 170's just like himself. I can't even imagine Diaz vs. Hughes.

Nick needs to spend some time in the gym or drop down to 155 lbs. (LW) His hands are good...but he usually gets overpowered by stronger guys.

lol @ Diaz stuffing Sherk's takedowns!!

Good call Nelson.

"i would rather see Sherk vs Diego... "

me to

LOL@ Robbie Lawler being a skinny 170 lber..

Not a good fight for Diaz. If he got beaten by Riggs, he'll get mauled by
Sherk. And I don't think he'll be stuffing too many takedowns either. This
could be the end of Diaz in the UFC.

Diego v. Sherk made more sense. I agree.


Great fight wow good match making too

Is this fight @ 155 or 170? I thought Sherk was dropping to LW.

St.Pierre showed Sherk is sucpetible to a good sprawl and vicious standup...all Diaz has to do is execute.

lol @ lawler being a skinny 170lber, he was cutting from 195

Diaz has a MASSIVE reach advantage. He should be able to jab all night.

look forward to it!

Sherk wins