Diaz vs. Sherk!!!

Too bad it's almost impossible to find an opponent Diaz could beat.

"St.Pierre showed Sherk is sucpetible to a good sprawl and vicious standup...all Diaz has to do is execute."

Good luck with all that.

This is a great crossroads fight. The winner gets a career revitalization, while the loser may be sent back down to the minors. Bad matchup for Diaz, though. If he couldn't stuff Diego's takedowns, Sherk will be a nightmare for him.

so diaz goes 0-3 in his last 3 fights and then what?

If this is true, I guess this is Zuffa's way of punishing Diaz for the hospital incident. I wonder where Diaz is on his contract? How many fights left?

I would also much rather see Sanchez-Sherk. I guess they want to keep getting Sanchez wins so they can put him against Hughes. That match is certainly coming down the pike, unless Sanchez gets upset somewhere along the way.

should b all sherk

If Diaz can't stop Diego from taking him down, he is going to be on his back the entire fight against Sherk. Diaz has not proven to be a finisher via submission, and Sherk is talented enough to avoid most submissions.

Fuck yes! Sherk by GnP

Diaz has long legs, so Sherk is gonna double leg and slam that skinny bastard on his back, then lay into him with some elbows. Terrible matchup for Nick Diaz.

lay into him....or lay on him???

"Diaz continues to take easy fights."

Literally LOL'd at this.

is this both there debut at lightweight?

"Diaz continues to take easy fights."

"Literally LOL'd at this."


Go Nick!

TTT for a link to the news story please!?

I am pulling hard for Sherk, but I think he will lose a decision.

it's on the mmaweekly rumors page

no truth to this rumor at all

Its going to be funny watching Diaz try to match strength vs Sherk. I predict this will be for sure Diaz's last fight in the UFC for a long time after he loses again.

sources close to me and the Diaz camp say they have not been contacted about this fight.And they are not even certain on a future in UFC.

no way your source is closer than mine, but i hear the same thing.

LOL at people doubting Sherk because he lost to GSP.

Dude its fucking GSP. He makes everyone look bad.

Sherk will win this with out much trouble.