Diaz was having a panic attack

On his way to the cage… His breathing, eyes and body language gave it clearly away as some who has them… He really kept it together well…


Fuck all these excuses. He signed on the line. If he didn’t want to be there or was unable to perform because of his mental health then he didn’t have to be there. At the end of the day, he’s pushing 40 and hasn’t fought in years. Give him credit for how good he did and move


tell that to every other fighter who “signed on the dotted line”

No reason to acknowledge the UFC’s strongarm tactics. Nothing more to see here **strong text

The strong arm tactics that forced a guy that hadn’t fought in 6+ years to come back? I’m confused, is Diaz not a grown man who makes his own decisions?

You want to have a conversation about the UFC’s strong arm tactics in contracts then go ahead and start another thread. At the end of the day Nick chose to come back and fight again.


If it was indeed a panic attack, there’s really nothing you can do to control it.

Its not like he pulled a Joe Son.

He fought, just didn’t look his legandary self.

Keep going…

He didn’t look like his “legendary” self because he’s almost 40, hadn’t fought in 6+ years, from what info we’ve got hasn’t exactly been living a super clean, healthy lifestyle that who time. Shocking that athletes that are past their prime who take half a decade off from their sport don’t compete the same way they did 6 years before.


This is also true

I’ve got bad anxiety and have for many years. It’s no joke and can definitely negatively effect anything especially anything in the way of public performances.


Not saying that it can’t. This just reads more as another fan excuse for a Diaz brother. He did good for how long he’s been off and his age, no need to try and build it up into more because of an og diagnosed panic attack.


I’m always surprised by fans, of any kind, not understanding that their hero’s are just human. And at 40… they will be old and slow (for elite level sports).


Maybe Lawler was better?


I’m not making excuses for him. He did look poorly prepared and he is older now. I just mentioned about the anxiety because a lot of people don’t understand how debilitating it is if they don’t have it and if you don’t I hope you never have to find out.

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I told my wife before the walkouts “This fight is going to make me sad. I was there live when these two were young lions, erocious and gritty as fuck and this is going to be two old guys way past their prime trying to do shit they no longer can do. I want to be wrong but this is going to be sad.

Father Time remains undefeated.


Ninja been drinking. He needs 6 months on a slim down. Carrying too much weight.

I do believe he could be top 5 right now but does he want to

His true friends and family need to talk to him and get his life straightened up

The “Nick Diaz” that I saw on Saturday night was unrecognizable. I’ve never seen that man before in my life

It’s not the Nick Diaz who was slim and fit and could keep a legendary pace for 5 rounds non stop


Overweight, no cardio and no heart. What’s a Diaz when described like that? A nothing burger fighter.

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yeah but everyone pushin 40 is past their prime, they all start to fail then

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Makes ya wonder what Couture would have been if he were doing NHB / MMA in his 20’s and early 30’s.

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Most importantly, Diaz hasn’t won a bout since 2011. Even if he’s looked washed up more recently, Lawler had the best run of his career during that same time. Diaz lost what could have been some of his best years over something that is now legal.