Sounds like not even earthquakes and tsunamis can stop 'the lion'. Now he certainly deserves a shot at Rice.

I am am sure he will, after Hominick fights Rice first.

Well Ryan, that was your first trip to
Thailand. What an experience. Just get
home safely.

What was Ryan doing there??????

Ryan just spoke to Lance. Ryan is back in
Phuket where he has been vacationing and
training in a Muay Thai camp in the mountains.
Lance and Ryan had planned this trip for
years but Lance could not go because of
business commitments so Ryan went on his own.
On Boxing Day he was in a boat on his way to
Rawai Beach when the Tsunami hit. In Ryan's
words, it was like being in the movie "The
Perfect Storm". At first the captain started
freaking out and tried to outrun the waves,
but then decided to hit them head-on.
That's what saved their lives because the boat
behind them sank. They hid behind a rock for
six hours. They went to a town called Krabi
and there where dead bodies laying all around.
There were several aftershocks and they had
to run up the mountain. Ryan feels lucky
to be alive.