Dick on ECW

Enhancement worker Rory Fargo suffered a wardrobe malfunction during last night's edition of ECW as his genitals were exposed towards the conclusion of his squash match loss to Zack Ryder.

Apparently, Ryder yanked Fargo's trunks down while shoving him into the corner turnbuckle to set up his finisher. Considering ECW was pre-taped earlier in the evening, WWE's production staff were able to switch the camera angle in time for the broadcast on Syfy. With that being said, candid photos of the incident have surfaced online.



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However, word got out about the malfunction and several WWE superstars commented on it on Twitter. Zach Ryder, Hurricane Helms and Chris Jericho all took turns making tongue-in-cheek remarks about the situation.

Zack Ryder said, "My opponent was being a little cocky in the ring with me tonight." He later added, "He tried his hardest...he was going BALLS to wall...but he couldn't stop Mr. Woo Woo Woo."

Hurricane Helms responded to Ryder's comments, saying "I mean you did tear a guy's pants off last night! Just sayin!" He later added, "I mean seriously, that match was just NUTS!", "How come nobody told me Balls Mahoney came back to ECW??", "Big Dick Johnson and Naked Mideon are both suing for gimmick infringement!" and "He definitely got some 'exposure.' Maybe he can turn it into a gimmick!"

On Wednesday morning, Chris Jericho joined in on the fun, writing, "Zack Ryder's opponent last night needs to stiffen up and be less genitle in the ring."


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