Did a trackday!

Went to a trackday at Gateway by St. Louis on my Speed Triple. I ran the "test the track" class for two sessions, then novice for two sessions after control riders suggested I move up. The bike had Michelin Pilot Road 2s for tires which is a sport touring tire but they stuck just fine. The front did move around once but I adjusted by leaning forward a little more and it didn't do it again. The rear tire never missed a beat.

Most importantly, I have no chicken strips! lol

Going to Road America for a NESBA trackday in a couple weeks. I even registered for a free session on a shiny new R1, for FREE!!

I can race the shit out of a car but the guys who ride bikes fast must have completely different feel for things.

I'm sure I could learn it (not well, though) but I am absolutely positive I would kill myself because I just can't seem to become one with that type of vehicle configuration.

Love watching the on-bike videos of fast lapping.

No shit, the faster classes were putting on a real show for us slackers in the novice class.

I get to watch the World Superbike guys next weekend at Road America. That's one step below Moto GP! I can't wait!

Ponyboy, riding bikes is pretty safe on a track. Of course you can get hurt but death isn't super likely. You've got a lot of runoff and you're wearing full gear. I know a guy that had a wicked highside and walked with a repair bill, a sprained wrist and I think a small bone fracture in his foot.

I've seen the motogp guys lose the front at speed. They slide forever but then jump up and try to start the bike. LOL!

My problem might be that I look like a large grasshopper sitting on a 50cc mini bike.

No problems braking and entering a corner but I just can't keep the bike from coming upright when powering out.

I see the other guys doing it and it looks like they have it down so much to a science that their corner exits look like they are pretty much using only the rear tire and the front tire is just along for the ride.

That takes an amazing amount of skill.

The only people who crashed the day we were there were in advanced class. From what I saw, those guys were really pushing the limits of their bikes and their tires by sliding around through some of the tighter corners and chopping the large high speed corners down into one tight apex.

I'm just out there for fun so I'll probably never get to the point where I'm controlling a slide or worrying about front end lift coming out of corners. As fun as it is to watch other riders doing that stuff, I'd probably crap my leathers if it happened to me.

Wow, just did another track day last weekend in Novice class. I was going MUCH faster than I ever did before after control riders showed me the proper lines through corners and how to carry speed correctly.

Too much tire pressure in the front actually had the front end dancing around on hard corner exits, that's a scary sensation! My shiny new Pilot Powers almost melted away once I got tire pressures figured out and learned how to ride a little better.

This track day stuff is fun! I honestly don't care to ride on the street much now.

Track days are great fun. Did one last month. Crashed my bike though.... No big deal it will be back soon!

Speaking of crashes, here's my latest:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1QNbAy48Y0

Track was a bit wet and I gave it too much right hand.

WOW! Amazing that you hung on as long as you did while the bike turned around!!

I did another track day Oct 15 and on the first warm up lap some guy went down hard right in front of me due to cold tires. He was getting crazy already and the bike just slid out from under him.

Learning how to hang off the bike instead of sitting upright and may be ready for intermediate class next year.

Yeah, not sure exactly what I was thinking trying to hold onto it, made for some good entertainment wen we got back to the pits and sawthe footage though, LOL.

I can't understand why guys go balls out on the first lap of a session, I tend to use the first two as sighting laps to see if there's anything on the track and how the other riders in the group are reacting to stuff(i.e. I scout who I should steer clear of)

Have you considered doing some sessions with the California Superbike School? They're a bit wacky but they've got some great lessons to improve your track/riding skills.

I've already learned much from the MCRA control riders. They're all CCS racers who show us beginners different lines and body positioning. Both track days I've done so far have felt like the first time I ever rode a motorcycle because of the learning curve. It's a blast!

Next year I think I'll try some NESBA track days and see some different tracks like Blackhawk Farms, Road America and Autobahn. Hopefully I'll have a different bike, too.