Did Abbadi win tonight on CFC 3?

He is listed on the CFC 3 card since it is in Orlando, his hometown. Did he win against Tim Gehrits? Also, anyone know the full results or some atleast?

Abbadi didn't fight his license was suspended or something along those lines. Not sure exactly on the details.

danny will be fighting on march 23 in Orlando in the WEF.


danny didnt get an xray prior to the fight on his hand like he was told to do by the commission so he couldnt fight.

who is danny fighting?

Manny Reyes Jr. vs. Danny Abbadi at 155 lbs.

they had awords at the last WEF event and MAnny asked for the fight and Luke matched it up on the card.

Danny is taking this fight personally.


It would suck-and give manny all kinds of shit to say-if he beats Danny.

"I beat an ultimate fighter!!"

Danny should see if Hermes will corner him!!

Why do u think this is such a bad match up?

my resoning for the match being legit is danny is 2-4 and manny is 7-1 mma.

they both weight 155 lbs and danny has very little mma expeirence and manny has little as well.

manny comes to fight and and doesnt give a fuck, danny well we all have seen what he is able to do on the TUF show.

everyone thinks he has no skill and has no heart.

I have trained with danny and have trained with manny personally.

now the fact that hermes beat manny, well total different fighters between hermes and danny.

manny was set up to get smashed my hermes and that is what happened but to his defence manny got paid 5 k to take the fight with hermes with no mma expeirence.
why wouldnt a guy not take the fight?, manny was a total novice fighter with a karate backround and he new nothing of hermes or of what mma was like.

the commission is at fault for allowing the fight to take place.

just like last night with brad iams at the cfc.
the commission is at fault with that bout as well.
brad vs. a guy that was 0-1 and called to fight on thursday night.

I think this is a great match up with manny and danny, both guys will swing for the fences and both fighters dont want to go to the ground.


danwhite, yes a great match danny hasnt been active and his last win was in the WEF in nov 06. danny has not won in the ufc and has not fought many mma fights.

dont even question me on matchmaking!
u dont even deserve to say anything , the last time i checked u havent done shit in the way of matching any cards.

WEF cards are fucken great!


with manny asking for the fight and danny taking the fight personal it has the possibility to be the fight of the night. i dont see this going to the judges, they will both look for the KO.