Did anyone else notice Nate Diaz...

 Give a hard push to the fence with his foot when Kurt had him up in the air.  I think it threw off Kurt's balance and didn't allow him to slam Nate into a better position.  It allowed Nate to have some control in that situation!   Great fucking move in my opinion!


yeah they called it a takedown for Kurt but it looked more like Nate controlled it to me. Nates been doing parkour around Stockton from what I hear.

That was awesome! Great fight.

 I saw that!


We are Parkour!

 ^ ttt

 Yup, Awesome

I don't know how he survives and just pulls subs outta nowhere...that kid can take a freakin punch. Beautiful offensive BJJ.

 Im becoming more of a Nate fan with each fight...  And for as much shit as I give Nick on this site, Nick was ALL class when he introduced himself to me on Saturday night.  Its ONLY the internets people, its only the internets! lol

I thought he was pulling a Faber but it was to set up trhe knee


 These guys LOVED it... haha

 These guys LOVED it... haha

hahah fuckin wankas!

 Towe, you are correct....


It wasnt even a set up for the triangle (that he ment) but I truely believe it is what caught Kurt unbalanced and led to his transition for the win........I was telling people that all night long!!!


Good to see that im not the only one that is a super MMA genius on a forum of unathletic nerds that say the dumbest shit all day long



 Good to see that im not the only one that is a super MMA genius on a forum of unathletic nerds that live thier lives through fighters

Could be the greatest quote I've ever read...  I will exit the UG on that one!

 I heard Batman demands a rematch...in the YAMMA.

I did catch that. It was the only reason Kurt lost his balance. Very good awareness by Diaz.

Diaz showed a lot of heart, Kurt P. was beating him up pretty good in the 1st round. Diaz again showed incredble conditioning to come back from that.

Both the Diaz brothers are fun to watch.