Did anyone else see matt hamills corner man

Before the fight started. He was staring at the camera with crazy eyes doing the devil horn hand signal. I laughed. Phone Post 3.0

Thats Bruno Tostes his head coach. I've trained at his place in albany, he is a renzo BB and a super cool dude. He just looked focused too me. Phone Post

It's sign language for I love you. Phone Post 3.0


It was on his shirt too, except the hand was wrapped for a fight. Clever and ironic, I suppose.

Throwing Satan requires the thumb to connect to the middle and ring finger, thus forming the horned face of the dark lord. Phone Post 3.0

Now you can laugh at people who throw I love you trying to look tough or whatever. Phone Post 3.0

Bruno is the man Phone Post 3.0

All in good fun. I just found it funny how he was staring directly into the camera. The intensity in his eyes!

He had that look in his eyes, joe. Phone Post 3.0

Animal Mother - Bruno is the man Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post