Did anyone get a screenshot of McGregor's twitter?

He was doing a Q&A this morning and later deleted them before I could repost here.

Someone asked if he had one night left would he pick Ronda or Tate?

His reply - "One riding muh dick and the other suckin muh toessss" Phone Post

excellent reply!!!

I just checked it again. He deleted most of them from earlier. Phone Post

He'll probably get in trouble for violating "social media policy" or some other ridiculous bullshit.



Guess he got told off Phone Post 3.0

Ahhhhhh there it is!!
VTFU when I get home. Thank you sir! Phone Post

It was awesome. I knew it was a song but i also knew it would rustle some jimmies.

RSG Conor RSG.... Phone Post

I guess it blew up more than I thought. Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

should have Diaz'd that shit with "nah, I'm not really sorry."

Fucken hilarious Phone Post 3.0