Did anyone get their flyers??

I've been waiting for my flyers to come for UFC 66, but they have yet to arrive. This is not giving me much time to hang them around town.

ufc street team. I've been getting a bunch of flyers every event to hang up around my area. However, i have yet to get them for this event.

Got mine. Spreading the word in San Jose,CA.

You should have received them already.

didnt get mine either!!

Did you get for UFC 65?

I didnt get mine either, I have got all the past events this past year except this one.

No big deal, since I will be out of town anyways...

Beth, I have gotten them all for the last 5-6 events. I didn't get these though.



email me procrastinator.

email sent beth


I didn't get mine either...

I did not get mine either