Did Avellan challenge Manny Reyes

This commentary appeared in Iron Life:
"Manny Reyes Jr. has been talking a lot of shit about local fighters, fight teams, and fans. Of all people for him to call out he chose the guys of Freestyle Fighting Academy. Not the best idea he has ever had after his display of inability in the MMA world (yes he has 3 wins but they are 3 wins over "tomatoe cans").

Both Marcos Avellan and Mike Cardoso have called him out on a public Mixed Martial Arts forum (the UG).

Mike Cardoso said "Manny Reyes is a fag! He talks a hole bunch shit to get attention. then he fights a young unexperienced kid and all he does is runaround and get booed in his own hometown. I would love to fight him if he has the balls!"

and Marcos Avellan stated: "Me, Mike, Jorge, or anyone from FFA would be more than willing to fight this guy." & "You wanted the attention - well you got it. You think its a good thing - but you are going to find out that all the attention isn't going to be everything you thought it was all cracked up to be. "

I would definitely say that the world of MMA is not the world where you should be running your mouth off without thinking. Guys in this sport will without a doubt call you out on your trash. Looks like Manny Reyes Jr. just wrote a check he couldn't cash. Too bad for him good for South Florida fans."

* Article by Ben Stark, Team IronLife.com Writer
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Did manny accept the challenge???

ya but sooner or later manny its gonna catch up with you, just try closing your mouth for once. its not hard.

"Funny how Everyone Challenges me Behind my Back.................. LOL......... "

Avellan posted on one of your original threads and challenged you. As did several other fighters, who you also did not respond to. You better find some way to get out of the fight with Hermes. He's gonna beat your monkey ass.

"You know......
When People Talk about you all the Time like all of you do It just Shows how IMPORTANT I AM........"

Actually it just shows that you've flooded the UG with your useless posts. Fortunately for us, it will all come to an end in October.

You talk a lot of shit with 4 months to go. I'm sure in that time you will find a reason to get out of the fight.

I wasn't shit talking about you. I respect anyone that steps in the ring. My fighting days are long over. I have followed the Avellan Bros and the local fighters in South Florida. I had never heard of you until getting back on the underground. I know Hermes is a badass fighter and wish you the best of luck against him. I will be there to watch the fight and may the best man win.


Manny knows anyone from FFA would school him. That's why he threatened to call the cops if Charles Macarthy(sp) came anywhere near him in one of the first threads where him & his brother Alex Reyes were running their mouths.

I'd like to see Charles shut him up. :)