Did 'Back to the Future' get it right?

What do you reckon?


Not quite OP, I cannot un-Pregnate your mom :man_facepalming:


One of my Favorite movies of all Time .


It may be perfect.

Marty should’ve banged his mom, but other than that, yes.


Lol he had a clear runway like twice

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Was Marty trying to kill himself by driving into the photo booth? If not, he shouldn’t have been surprised to travel through time because that’s what his goal must have been. He was trying to do 90 right into the side of that booth, so either he expected time travel to a time when that booth wasn’t there or he shouldn’t have been surprised after he traveled through time. I used to love this movie, but after realizing this I think it is the dumbest movie in the world.

Why everyone trying to outdo Gritty, lately?


Biff is accurate


OK it’s the second worst.

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back to the future is one of the best god damn movies ever! Despite driving me insane with paradox problems .


Lorraine looks good


Good man

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Of all the paradox and questioning of the scenes… only I have questioned this

The scene where Marty’s grandfather hits him with car after he moves George. He hits him directly in front of house. He was going at a speed where heHad to slam the brakes. If he was there he was either leaving his house (which he wasn’t) or turning in which he also clearly wasn’t. Wtf was he doing?

He actually died when he hit the booth. The rest of the movie is DMT fueled hallucination that takes place in the milliseconds between his final two heartbeats as he drifts into oblivion.

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My number one pet peeve is that nowhere in note does it say where doc will be shot. So he wears a vest when one head shot would have killed him. Also the Libyans didn’t die. Would have been repercussions

And the odds of them having the exact same three kids is basically 1 in infinity.

And what happened to the Marty that grew up with the well to do version parents? He should have been at the house when Marty got back in part 1

Youve never driven by your house after a long day’s work and said “fuck that”? He was looking at the full driveway and prob didnt want to deal with the whole mess of whats in their that particular day, got distracted and hit Marty.

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Center mass, my boy. He also couldve given the Libyans instructions(possibly false diagram) on how to build his prototype to buy himself time.