Did BJ even win the first round of his first fight against GSP?

Then the ref wiped it into his pores…… but BJ did lose 2-1

Gear and grease. BJ couldn’t accept the fact that the deck was stacked against him (and some things aren’t fair). Completely broke his spirit.

Clear as day Penn won the round….

Even with his mom by his side.

I don’t think it’s so clear but for argument’s sake let’s say you’re right. 0% chance it’s a 10-8 round right? If it’s BJ’s round, it’s 100% a 10-9. Right?

I would say with 100% certainty it was Penn’s round. I would say with 70% certainty it was a 10-9 for Penn

I disagree with both statements but especially the second one. To me, there is a 0% chance that was a 10-8 round for BJ, and you’re saying it’s 30%.

It’s not a hill I’ll die on lol. But for sure I give BJ the round

Nick, not trying to bust your balls, I’m genuinely curious when was the last time you watched the first round? I ask because when I watched it back in the day I thought it was BJ’s round but not a 10-8, but when I watch it now I see it differently. It’s a very close round to me. I think one or two other posters have said something similar.

About a week before Islam v. Volk i rewatched both GSP v Penn fights

I did that cause I made a thread here claiming Islam v. Volk was todays version of GSP v Penn 2 when they were both champs

So then I took a stroll down memory lane and rewatched both fights

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If you’re confused about his stance…

Nick beating BJ is better if BJ won a round against GSP 10-8.

Don’t forget everything is 6 degrees from Nick Diaz or Brock Lesnar with this guy and it will all seem a little less bewildering when he says it, lol.

I hear you, sometimes people do that.

The beating Diaz put on Penn WAS outstanding though. The fact that there is no way in hell that the first round of GSP/Penn was a 10-8 round in Penn’s favor does nothing to diminish that!! :smiley:

My post and this thread had zero to do with Nick Diaz no one even mentioned Nick Diaz until you did

Just rewatched round 1. That was BJ 10-9 all day.

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I think it could have been GSP’s round, but 10-9 for BJ is fair. Do you agree that there’s no way it’s a 10-8?

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I really don’t see how you can give GSP that round. But that wasn’t a 10-8. All 10-9s aren’t created equal.


It wasn’t even close to a 10-8.

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A classic 10-8 round is Lesnar v. Carwin round 1

Any time a close is a second away from being finished because the fighter isn’t defending themselves properly


When the difference in the total strikes count is SO drastic it has has to be a 10-8 cause of pure domination as in basically any of the rounds between Nick Diaz and Scott smith lol

The first round of GSP v Penn does not fit either of those descriptions

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When I first saw the fight I thought it was pretty clearly BJ’s round, but not a 10-8.

I just rewatched it when I saw the thread, and I still give BJ the round, albeit less clearly.

GSP landed strikes but it was less than BJ, and BJ’s were more impactful. BJ was landing more clean whereas GSP was landing on BJ’s shoulders/gloves/grazing a lot.

Absolutely zero chance it is a 10-8. Back then I was an emotional BJ fan and I still am (but less emotional), but even then I never saw a 10-8.

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