Did BJ steal J-Lau's shoe?

Just reading Joe's article over at MassMMA.net and there's an interesting part about BJ showing up in the sauna for a second and then a missing shoe!

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First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who helped me get ready for this fight. Everyone at RSD/Team Aggression, South Shore Sportfighting, Bishops' Boxing and everyone else that at one time or another along the way has taken the time to show me something or help me out. I really do appreciate all of you. It was more than just me in there, it was a team effort... we were all in there.

I want to thank my sponsors... Sprawl, MMA.tv, Xyience, Bullshido, NAGA and Deathwish Inc.

I would also like to thank the UFC, Dana White, Greg, Donna, Sean, Beth and everyone else.

Here are my thoughts on the whole experience and the fight itself. Seems like I have repeated this about 1000 times now, hah...

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I really do think he did...

nice win joe!!!!!

If you found it in the trash, he didn't technically steal it.


ufc 67: battle for the shoe

What a great image, enraged Joe mounting BJ, raining down punches and screaming about his shoe.

Immediate rematch with Jens.

You should show up for your next fight with only one sneaker on and demand a shot at BJ.

Joe, hell of a fight and a great write up you did at massmma.net. Great job man.

lol @ jhunter!!

I enjoyed the article but is your head okay??

Can we get a picture of the shoe please?

"one day you can tell your grandkids BJ Penn stole your shoe"

Correction. One day BJ Penn will tell HIS grandkids that he stole Joe Lauzon's shoe....

"shoeless" joe lauzon

possibly your welcome to the UFC rib?

LOL @ Ryan Williams!

LOL @ Shoeless....

Probably initiation to the UFC....

All over "Shoeless"

Finally a somewhat original moniker that doesn't rely on simple alliteration or faux-scary verbs.

best nickname since "Rush"

Wasn't there a baseball player named "Shoeless Joe"?

"Wasn't there a baseball player named "Shoeless Joe"?"

Yep, and a great one. Member of the infamous "Black Sox". But that's part of the charm.