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New Fightwear rocks Brazil!
Submitted by: Team TATAME
Posted On 01/31/2005

text by Marcelo Alonso

Pedro Rizzo (Ruas Vale-Tudo), Vitor Belfort (BTT), Vitor 'Shaolin' (Nova União), Nino Schiembri (Chute Boxe) and Antoine Jaoude (Ruas Vale-Tudo). This is the MMA Dream Team contracted by 'NO GI', the new brazilian fightwear that is rocking the brazilian MMA scene.

Launched in December by businessmen Walmir Barroso and Ricardo Mayer, starting in one shopping center in Rio de Janeiro (Barrashopping), the new fightwear is already a big sucess. 'The quality is not the only big diference between 'NO GI' and other fightwear. We have a business plan that includes social engagement, so that 5% of all our sales will be given every month to sport projects in the favellas. Doing ethat we are sure that we will bring many children to the sport', states Walmir Barroso as he departed for Los Angeles, where he is traveling to see Vitor Belfort´s fight against Tito Ortiz. 'Besides supporting Vitor, I'm also interested in spreading 'NO GI' to the USA, and then later to Japan. This is going to be our first step', assured the businessman.

That sucks.

ps- i am making new shorts called SPRAUL

ps- i am making new shorts called SPRAUL

Is there a web address so the general public can view the product?

gosh, I hope not....

does anyone know their web site?

I suggest calling the people over at Gameness.net, they had run into this problem and seem to have taken care of it.

Jams fightwear is the best. Lots of cool colors.

I hope they can work this out, otherwise we'd have to head more of merc1's sanctimony.

We at nogi industries have been in business since January of 2004 (with concept conception in mid '03). We are taking the appropriate actions to clear this situation up. It is unfortunate that this other company has already started pushing foreward and may face a lack of revenue. Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding and lack of information.

I agree, it sucks.

However, I'm pretty sure the US courts will make the brazillian company change its name if it wants to do business in the USA.

Andre, this is the guy Julio (?) who used to own
Arrebentacao (sp?) and sponsored Carlsons team. He
claims he has owned the No Gi name for a long time.


Is the name Trademarked? If not then I don't see how you can get this sorted.


So what happen?

mcquaid, ahh...I didnt know that. From what Ive heard of him, he seems like a cool guy. Hope they straighten this out.

n?gi industries vs NO GI. I guess it's different enough. I don;t think it's stealing at all. It seems like they created the name themselves since without knowing about n?gi industries. No-gi is not some obscure thing only Brennan new about.

They should change thier name to Hit-Man ;)