did brock take an adrenaline dump?

 4  real

like how mayhem took an adrenaline dump

did brock take one too?

I don't think so. He took that massive knee to the gut and didn't want to get hit after that. He was done after the first knee. Phone Post

When fighters are nervous sometimes they take a huge adrenaline dump before the fight.

He took a dump after that beat down.

If adrenaline dump = repeated Uberknees then yes, i think he did. Phone Post

 He actually looked fairly calm. For a second I thought he might hang in there. After both (or was it three?) clinch knees, he didn't look panicked, he didn't curl up, and he even came forward again. He certainly wasn't fighting well, but mentally he seemed okay.

Reem pushed it out of him with that second knee Phone Post

 I thought he looked pretty good too, not bad for your warm-up fight for a title shot.   Disappointed it wasn't more of a fight but no shame in not wanting to get kicked in the liver by 265 pounders anymore haha.

 i dont think he had a dump at all.  I was at the event pretty close up and he was playing to the crowd and calm and to be honest...he never had time to havea dump because the fight was so quick.

i thought he got eye poked because i didn't see him get hit and then brock just grabs his face....was the strangest thing...brock really can not take a punch at all or get hit.  It was almost like watching a super hero die or get exposed right before your eyes.  seeing that huge goliath curled up like a scared child with absolutely no defense just taking hits with no fight back at all....i'm not fighter bashing and respect and like brock..it was just sad to see in person

Didn't seem like it. I was expecting him to come out like a spaz like he did versus Cain, but instead he seemed very calm and relaxed. The abuse he took to the midsection was what wrecked his night. Phone Post

He seemed fine until taking that knee. Brock can take some punishment which makes me wonder if his insides were really healed up like he said they were. I was kind of worried about him after seeing how bad those hurt to be honest.