Did De La Riva win?

Anyone have results of the Ground Impact event in Japan? De La Riva fought Yuki Nakai, sport BJJ rules.


Just got results. Nakai beat De La Riva 2-0.


wow, nakai is a mad man.

Wow! Nakai beat DLR! Any pic's?


click on japanese words on lower right corner to go to next pic.

2-0 by Nakai. Close and intense fight! 2 by Nakai was somewhat controversial, from what I heard, though.


Start here.  Good pics.

Cool pics! That new red Koral gi looks slick!

If DLR is holding up Nakai's hand, it couldnt have been too controversial, no?

Damn... But De La Riva is still The Man!

That dude (Takashi Watanabe) somehow escaped that armbar and beat Imanari 22x0.

I don't think he has a fake eye or anything. I could be wrong, but I believe he is pretty much is the one eye that Gordeau gouged in Japan Vale Tudo.