Did Derrick Noble win

Does anyone have results on derrick nobles fight in the UFC



he lost

first round tko(strikes)

Alves beat him

He lost TKO in the first I believe. 

He lost first round tko. He looked sharp and backed his opponent into the cage with a hard body kick that hurt his opponent and during an exchange, Derrick was knocked down by a right hand in which was quickly capitalized on. Derrick should be back in the UFC being that he is tough as hell, and took this fight on short notice.

This loss for Noble sets up a great fight on June 3rd vs Eddie Alvarez for the title.


Both Noble and Alves did very well. It was a very competitive fight.


i lost dammit, but im gonna be ready for the title fight in june, then we will see what happens.

I can't wait.

shit happens Noble

good to see you posting, how was the whole UFC expierence?

keep your head up, good luck in the future

Derrick, when are you going to be able to make it back up to Strasser's to work out?

Derrick are you still training in Canton?

Warren I will probably come up in may before the fight.

I had a great time at the UFC. I got to train with Thompson, Sherk, Erik Paulson, Rampage, Josh Barnett, and sevral other guys, so that was good. I feel like I fought well, just got hit trying to go for the kill.

I still train in Canton on ocassion but right now I am training at a couple different places. \

Cant wait for June, I will be ready.

Seriously the fight was bad ass and you should get right back in ufc. Contact them I am sure they are happy with your performance

Thanks Charles, I have to win the Euphoria title first, then hopefully work something out.