did FancyPants fight tonite?

or am I high

How about option c. Both of the above?

He won. Split dec

he won by dec on the undercard

google.com is your friend.

3rddiazbro - he won by dec on the undercard

oh ok good shit


 Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro vs. Lyle Beerbohm

Round 1

Beerbohm shoots right off the bell and is stuffed by Ribeiro. He pushes him up against the cage but he can’t suck up his legs. Ribeiro tries to jump around Beerbohm and onto his back but he can’t completely turn the corner and drops back to his feet. There has been nothing but clinching along the cage for the first half of the round and referee Al Wichgers finally steps in to separate the fighters. On the restart Beerbohm goes right back into the clinch, driving “Shaolin” up against the cage but he can’t get him to the mat. The crowd voices its displeasure with boos but Beerbohm is undeterred. He continues to pin Ribeiro against the cage but cannot remove him from his feet. Another break comes with just 30 seconds left in the uneventful opening round. Beerbohm throws a low kick then follows it with another unsuccessful shot just before the round closes. Sherdog.com scores the opening frame 10-10.

<!--PICTURE R-->

Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Lyle Beerbohm vs. Vitor Ribeiro.

<!--/PICTURE R-->Round 2

Beerbohm is back at to kick off the second. He shoots in again and is rebuffed. He clinches but Ribeiro digs a pair of knees into his body before separating himself from his opponent’s grasp. Beerbohm lands a hard leg kick but “Shaolin” is unfazed. Beerbohm drops for a single but again he is stopped. Ribeiro finally gets a dominant position and goes to work on a chain of submissions but Beerbohm is up to the task. He somersaults around the cage to relieve the pressure on his arm as Ribeiro torques it one way then another. He finally extricates himself from danger and resets on his feet. Beerbohm gets the fight to the canvas with top position for the first time as the round clock ticks down. He tries to get some ground and pound going but “Shaolin” grabs a triangle attempt that he has to fend off. He closes the round with a couple right hands. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 for Ribeiro.

Round 3

“Shaolin” takes Beerbohm’s back standing and wrangles him to the ground in the opening moments of the third round. He cannot control his scrambling opponent though and “Fancy Pants” turns in and takes top position. Ribeiro latches onto Beerbohm’s right wrist and elevates his guard looking for an armbar or triangle but he can’t secure either when Beerbohm frees his wrist and postures up and out of danger. Ribeiro gets back to his feet and Beerbohm pushes him up against the cage again, clinching him around his waist. “Shaolin” shoots in at the 10-second clapper but can’t secure the takedown at the bell. Both fighters raise their arms signifying their belief that they have won the fight but Sherdog sees it as a draw with Beerbohm taking home the final round 10-9.

Official scores are 30-27, 28-29 and 30-27 for Lyle Beerbohm, who takes the split-decision.

 just reading the description, i dont see how Lyle won. never-the-less, congrats.

 Umm, Lyle abandon the fancy pants? WTF

Seriously those pants don't look fancy at all.