Did fedor snap his bone?

He admited something poped and cracked. and was still holding his arm.

Just by the way Matt was holding it afterwards it looks broke to me...Hard to say though.

the way lindland described it he dislocated his elbow.

but lindland has been known to exagerate =)

Atleast Mat's honest. He is an upstanding man. once he gives it a deep thought he will feel better about the outcome. when he realized he will get arm barred by him 99 out of 99 times. Fedor would arm bar him in his sleep.

that was a pretty emphatic tap out by Lindland also, I'd guess its broke

Forrest's arm was broken blocking a kick.

"One doesn't get their arm broken from an arm bar. In cases where it does happen, it is a 1/1,000,000 ratio. It's hyper extension that occurs, not a break. "

Ah, was that Silvia's little pinky finger that I saw snapp from a Frank Mir arm bar?

"Ah, was that Silvia's little pinky finger that I saw snapp from a Frank Mir arm bar?"

He didn't say it never happened, he said it was very rare. Maybe Mir/Sylvia was the 1 in a million.


"Atleast Mat's honest. He is an upstanding man."

  • I take it this is sarcasm.

Oh and about Mir-Sylvia, I believe Miletich said that he thought it had to be Mir's cup that caused the break at that particular location (actually below the elbow).

@ logikt - cheers

"Atleast Mat's honest. He is an upstanding man."

Yeah he is up and standing in the emergency room getting tha arm looked at..


whistleblower is correct. Most people would have considered the arm bar botched at that point, Silvia had pulled his arm out so that his elbow was no longer trapped. Mir is (was) a beast and pulled so hard he snapped his forearm. That isn't a finish a lot of people can easily achieve.

i could buy that it was broken...or at least dislocated, if you watch the gif of him tapping, fedor has hips pushed pretty far forward...

Wes Sims got his arm broken by an armbar, that only happens if the armbar is really low on the arm though, Fedor's was right on the elbow and overextended it/dislocated it whatever you wanna call it but it wasn't broken.

"One doesn't get their arm broken from an arm bar. "

Riiight. Tell that to Tim Sylvia.

"He didn't say it never happened, he said it was very rare. "

Re-read his Post his did say:

"One doesn't get their arm broken from an arm bar."

Then contradicts himself in the next Sentence. By saying "When it does happen..." But even his Second Sentence is WRONG because Tim's Arm did break.

He's just flat out wrong.

lol @ billions of sanctioned MMA matches

Billions? LOL!

Anyhow, quote all the Fallacies you want the FACT and TRUTH is it only takes one Case to disprove his Theory.

Go away. Read another Book on real Life.

"Grappling matches. What particular level of reading comprehension do you possess? "

Grasp at Straws all you want, but you mentioned BOTH MMA Bouts and Grappling Matches:

"Yet how many sanctioned MMA bouts have taken place since that ONE case? How many grappling matches? Millions? BILLIONS"

You don't even have reading Comprehension of your own Posts! WTF?! LMAO!!!

I may have poor RC, but you have even worse!

A correctly applied armbar - in which the fulcrum is at or just above the elbow joint - will not break a bone. It will instead cause damage to the connective tissue around the elbow joint.

The capsule surrounding the joint is the part most often damaged (via tears). If the submission is cranked harder, then ligament and tendon damage may occur, along with dislocation.

The Frank Mir vs. Sylvia case was a 'botched' armbar (as mentioned above) - the fulcrum was applied to the forearm rather than the elbow. Because of Sylvia's long arms and Mir's strength and positioning, Sylvia's forearm bone(s) snapped.

I'm sure you guys will argue semantics ad nauseum with respect to what defines 'broken', but most submissions attack the connective tissue in joints, not the bone itself.