DId Fickett Just Say He Is


Yeah, lol.

He did.

I heard it too lol.

Fickett hanging out with Kimbo's posse?

Yea I thought I misheard what he said

LOL.  Fickett is fucking awesome.

i thought i was hearing things....


Ju dont know who you're messin wit homes.

"then i saw the tattoo on his back "

What was it?

huh what did i miss

hahaha LA RAZA

Viva La Raza ode ley

yo yo yo let me speak on this!

not the biggest fickett fan but that hat was awesome.. anyone grab a picture of that?

Fickett is a nut.

WTF??!! i first saw that tat and was "was that what i think it was?" then he made that comment....SHEEEIT the ug is on FIRE TONIGHT!!!

Drew is actually a really cool guy, and a maniac.. glad to see him kicking ass.


Fickett vs Predator 2 coming soon?