Did Fitch have trouble getting up after loss?

Didn't watch WSOF fights, but saw the gif of the knee bar. Didn't see if he had trouble getting up afterward. Anyone know?

Was down being iced for a while, might not of walked out on his own I don't think he did. Phone Post 3.0

Ok thanks. Too me, it looked like Paul Harris release it quick enough, but was just wondering if it looked like Fitch was really hurt. It probably doesn't take long in that position.

He needed assistance walking back to the locker room. Phone Post 3.0

Fitch looked pretty comfortable laying on his back after the fight, but never tried to get up.

Galanis -

It doesn't take long at all. I think Fitch could've tapped a couple seconds sooner instead of triyng to tough it out because there is no way he was gonna get out of that. Paul is a different animal. I really wish he was back in the UFC, but I do understand he can be a liability. It's just sad that someone with such crazy skill, killer instinct and a specialty, is out fighting on a show that no one knows outside of us hardcore fans.

I honestly thought Fitch would have a lot more for him than that, it really showed me just how good Paul is. I know Fitch isn't the same these days, but that win is a really big deal. Tapping Fitch is no small feat.

VTFU, despite the "Paul" bullshit.

Do you call Chack "The Ice (or Chocolate)?"

Did you call Josh Barnett "The Babyface?"

Do you now call him "The War?"

Still, though, great post. Phone Post 3.0

Reports are that Fitch was walking today and probably will not need surgery.

my god that "knee bar"!!!!

brahmabull81 -
jpm995 - Fitch looked pretty comfortable laying on his back after the fight, but never tried to get up.

He had the look on his face of a hiker that got caught in a bear trap and is in shock, patiently laying down waiting as a ranger pries it off his leg.
This reads like a calo post hahaha Phone Post 3.0

Ryan Prouty - 

my god that "knee bar"!!!!

"Knee Bah" imo...

Has anyone in this thread actually been heelhooked?

It's a somewhat unique submission in that you know, or should know, that the margin between its tight but I can work my way out and "holy fuck I'm in pain and scared" is razor thin

When I was still training I would start yelling "tap tap tap" at the hint of one. I got that way after having foolishly thought I could work my out of them w/o consequences. Sometimes, shit most times, I could. But twice my knee got really jacked and that was enough for me, I wanted nothing to do with them. When I could catch one I would just take it far enough to get the ankle turned and let it go. Well before you knew you were truly caught.
Did I "have you"? Dunno, don't care. I didn't do my training partners any favors by putting their training and day job on the sidelines for 6-12 weeks. In tournaments I did the same and probably paid for it, but I wouldn't be the reason a weekend warrior like myself couldnt go to work on Monday.

At the pro level, it gets more complicated. And I don't know where the line is. Babaloo paid dearly for holding a choke too long. JBJ dropped Machida on his head after putting him to sleep and nothing happened. It's a weird line. Phone Post 3.0