Did Genki fight Royler?

Man, I've been away from the site for a couple of weeks... What did I miss? Did they end up fighting? I thought Genki couldn't make the fight or something... So what happened?


Genki KTFO of Royler!!!

Sweet!!! How'd he do it, what round?

Do you know how to read?

Nope, I just use the force. The force has yet to guide me to a thread discussing this fight.


Like 2 or 3 minutes into Round 1. There's a video of it somewhere around here.

They both decided that they were on the same team, shook hands and walked out of the ring.

Then the crowd went beserk.

... and then Snoop Dogg took center stage and called out Danny Glover, which resulted in an intense staredown. They will be fighting each other (MMA rules) on PPV next month....

UG warriors are always TRYING to be funny!!!