Did Goldberg Say this last night ?

Swore to fucking god I heard him say "don't get up or go to kitchen or the bathroom for a coke break....

he did!

I didn't think I was hallucinating.

Just did a double take.

Will watch the Tivo later this week for clarification.

Seriuosly, Rogan must laugh his ass off when he hears that shit. Goldberg would be the worst speaker in the room at a Tourette's convention...

Bill Goldberg and Rogan would be a great commentating team. Both entirely unprofessional and spitting out random babble. And Rogan would call out Bill if he doesn't agree with a statement. And a scuffle would likely ensue.

Lol, Rogan is smarter. He'd get mauled like he was in a tent with a grizzly bear, size DOES matter, ask Royce.

... didn't he say after a long pause listening to his ear piece, "you never
know what's going to come out of my mouth.... call it a work or a
shoot..." What was he talking about?

Goldberg is horrible. Who cares if he was a pro wrestler he sounds like a moran.

yeah, what was up w/ the work, shoot comment, was he hinting something?

I just watched it and yes, but he said "...to get a little coke". 

Wasn't it Glazer that made the heel hook/pain/no damage comment?  But during the replay he stated it was switched and would cause damage, so it's all good.

Do you go to the fucking bathroom to get a little coke ?

Fucking dorks defending the WWE wrestler. Go back into moms basement.