Did HBK fake his back injury?

Jim Cornette seems to think he exaggerated his injury so he could sit home and Vince would pay him just so he wouldn’t go to wcw. As soon as Vince bought wcw hbk came back as he wasn’t going to get free money anymore. This seems to be Jim Cornettes theory. I did always find it weird that hbk back was fucked at wm14 but he was the most jacked and cut he was in his whole career. Figured he wouldn’t be able to lift hard with a back injury

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Vince blew his back out


I think he was a pillhead who probably had black male photos of Vince in sexual stuffs


i think vince was more into white males

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Gut feeling is that there was a back injury, but that he didn’t need to stay out that long. He wanted to be the top star, and lost interest when another wrestler caught such fire there was no holding him back. He did mention on Austin’s podcast that Steve’s ascent “ruined his life,” with a laugh, but you could tell what he was getting at.

I think he did some soul searching when the landscape of the business changed (with no more big money in a non-wrestling role), and decided he was content to take a lesser role in the show than being “the man.”


Agreed with stuff posted above.

-he likely did have a back injury but probably not as severe as he claimed at the time.

  • he came back as soon as wcw folded. Jim Ross and cornette both say thats a huge factor and both readily state how full of shit Shawn was during that first half of his career.
  • he had a known substance use issue during that time that could have ended his life.
  • bruce prichard says Shawn had a random old man fan leave him a shitload of money in a Will. Don’t rememeber where I heard it(maybe Conrad?) That there was a working theory that this massive fan money combined with his substance use problems made shawn enter FU MODE. It essentially pushed his ego through the roof since he knew he was financially safe and he wasn’t going to take shit from anyone including vince as a result.

Someone like Bryan danielson would probably have some insight on shawn’s condition since he was a student at Shawn’s school. Shawn was apparently very hands on but who knows to what extent that means.

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Hands on? Tell me more

Jim Ross also said(as mentioned above and no one ever mentions this huge aspect) that a huge part of shawn’s attitude problems were because he knew(just like bret struggled before him) he wasnt the guy. Once he realized Austin was the future that meant Shawn was done for. Spoiled tantruming brat behavior ensues even worse…

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Well Shawn is passionate about prowrestling and wants to make sure guys are trained well so he was hands on as a teacher. He would get in the ring and teach moves and take bumps. A testament to his passion for the business. Now to what extent he was able to do that, and how much of it equates to a fulltime on the road wrestling schedule I have no clue

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His back was definitely fucked. But it’s obvious he could’ve come back a lot sooner. His head just wasn’t in the right place and was all pilled up. Once he was clean he came back.

I laughed way harder than I should have at this. lol


I remember plenty of times when I could see that Michaels’ back just wasn’t right. He wasn’t playing it up at those times, just not moving fluidly. Anyone who has suffered from back injuries can relate.

I’ve noticed the same thing from Chris Jericho over the years. Anyone in the wrasslin business for decades is bound to have a fuck up back or neck to some extent.

His back was messed up. They pulled him from a few events because of it. He was supposed to be in that 8 man tag main event at a PPV that they pulled him from.

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Back injuries are nothing compared to losing your smile!

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Did he hurt his knee, too?

He hurt his knee and missed wrestlemania 13 if I remember correctly. But he appeared on raw and did a backflip off the ropes while he was supposedly injured with a bad knee

Bingo. “Hurt knee” is too hurt to wrestle. But not too hurt to land on after doing moonsaults. Hes a prick.

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Wm13 is the only wm to not sell out. All because of the clusterfuck with booking that Shawn Michaels caused

I actually still have that event . Savio Vega ended up replacing Shawn. The one thing I remember is Austin giving Chyna the stunner at the end of the PPV.

That event was in Houston, IIRC. In your house, No way out I believe.