Did hipsters ruin tattoos?

If you ever goto Great Wolf Lodge (it’s a water park for kids), you’ll run into lots of 30 to 40 year olds in various states of undress in their swimwear. Standing in line with them all and being up close, you realize that 10-20 year old tattoos really don’t hold up. In particular the cheap ones. Don’t cheap out on tattoos, good lord…

I think that’s a very hipster way of thinking OP.

They wore tattoos before it was cool right?

Who gives a shit.

I had one with her kids name there. Felt so weird splashing all over it, like I was whiting it out.


College athletes too. Its like every one of them have full sleeves.
Like its a requirement

I had one with her kids name there. Felt so weird splashing all over it, like I was whiting it out.

Ha ha. Nasty,. Negating her kids with yours

This basically.

Nahh, tattoos have always been pretty trashy.

He showed us absolutely fire work that his artist had done on other people, in discord…
Then he chose to get zoidberged.

Note I didn’t cast aspersions on the artist. Just that tens of shitty cartoon characters all over your body, interspersed amongst other weird, shittier work is, by its very nature, trashy.

Jay certainly isn’t a pioneer in that market, but damned if he didn’t steer right the fuck into that particular fucking skid.

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I don’t have a tattoo but I would get the same one my dead father and my brother has because it means something to us.

Chicks that have like the nautical star and the twitter bird or whatever are gay.

I googled “hipster tattoo”

it was the 7th picture lol

Took my 7 year old daughter to the dentist yesterday.

The 20 something year old dental assistant chick had a neck tat. A Flower design up the side of her neck and behind her ear.

It’s more rebellious and non-mainstream to NOT have tattoos these days.

There are many Samoan women that have the Malu but only reveal or show it when they dance the Taualuga.

not sure what the consensus is, but it goes way beyond hipsters. Nerds like Jay, sexagenarians like my mom who went apeshit in their 40s, the barbed wire craze in the 90s, tramp stamps from the late nineties into early aughts, and now every asshole who feels the need to get a sleeve.

I have a friend…total fuckin hipster…man bun with a beard type…the type that goes to a hipster bar wearing basketball jerseys and drinks IPAs and margaritas in a can

He just informed me he’s going full sleeve on both arms…he just turned 40

normies and run of the mill wal-mart trash ruined tattoos. every lame trend from asian language characters to tribal shit to the skank flank inspirational quotes to generic sailor jerry rip-off work, as usual it’s people without taste and little knowledge of what they’re doing chasing a fad that diminish things to a lowest common denominator

you can certainly blame hipsters for bridging the gap from counter culture to widespread adoption.

Grew up with dad in jail and he was covered in shitty jail tats. He told me to never get them because people would assume you were locked up at some point when they see a latino with tats and look down on you, and that kinda stuck with me.

Now I kinda respect the shitty looking jail tats more than the ones that look like they cost a ton. You can’t be that tough if you’re spending that much to make your back look pretty.