Did I just see...

Chainsaw Charles just stand and cover his face during a whole fucking fight

followed by

Kalib Starnes run from a guy doing a 3 Stooges fucking gimmick punch? Are you shitting me. Did I just see Nate Quarry chase Kalib down with that ROFL...That honestly should be the last time this guy fights in the UFC.

I am no fighter but I will say I can stand there and put my hands over my face, until I finally get dropped and or run around, getting my ass kicked the whole time.

These guys are on a fucking PPV supposed to be the cream of the crop in MMA they are fighting in the UFC. What a fucking shame.

And no I couldnt do no better, but I also don't fight in the best MMA organization in the world.

and oh yeah the Canada fans fucking rocked. More UFCs in Canada that was awesome


 i like the whole olay song. damn good stuff.

Only thing that should be read.."I am no fighter"---SO STFU

 THAT BEING SAID------------------ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDSB2dN3bJg

[quote]Evil Intentions -

Only thing that should be read.."I am no fighter"---SO STFU


lol @ you

chases you with a Nate Quarry Stooges gimmick

Great fans...

i agree. no more kalib or chainsaw. those goddam fights could have been replaced with good prelims like maia or mcdonald.

 I am just saying show so respect to those who train and step in the ring/octagon 


give me 20k and Ill do this

why would I respect a guy that has no respect for the sport. He isnt doing this for our benefit. He is being well payed, and if you think he went out there and earned his check than me and you have two very different expectations.

Can you take all the leg kicks you don't see in the GIF....I bet not

 LOL at you lasting 3 rounds with Nate

i have the utmost respect for the guys who train hard and get in the cage and put it all on the line. but that was not putting anything on the line, there was no trying to win the fight, no engaging, and the DISRESPECT shown after the fight was bullshit. why should we respect a guy who says things like "why dont you fight in here faggot" im sorry ill save my respect for the guys who earn it not for that piece of shit starnes, fighter or not.

[quote]Evil Intentions -

Can you take all the leg kicks you don't see in the GIF....I bet not


lol @ you for being impressed Kalib ran around for 3 rounds ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you musta been a big TUF fan and he was your fav. Sorry to say he is UFC trash. I will never purchase another event he is on.

Again he fights in the best MMA org in the world it is his job to be able to do something the rest of us cant do. Any shlub can run from someone, and get hit

 I am not saying you should respect what he did tonight, but remember this was not his first rodeo.  I am just making sure that people remember what these guys go through before a fight and realize he has been training a lot and too discard them like that kinda bothers me,

honestly it didnt look like he trained for shit. Did he appear to be a fighter that was well trained, in shape with a gameplan? It sure didnt appear that way to me. I have respect for fighters, but I wont just blanketly respect everyone of them. Kalib is not a good guy. Time and time again he whines, and is very disrespectful. Quarry is all heart though man, I will never say a bad thing about that guy. ANd there is a reason you would never see a performance like that from a guy like Nate. That was typical Kalib tonight and I refuse to give him any respect. Nate has all of it any respect that woulda gone to Kalib Nate gets 10 fold

 That is where we differ, if a person puts their job and family to the side (as I believe Kalib did) and triained..I respect him..I do not like him and do not think much of him but I will not discredit the fact that he has made it to the "Octagon"  basically the major leagues of MMA.  I would not talk shit to a OF for the Marlins who is hittin .112 cause I never made it past college baseball.

fair enough I see where you are coming from, but Im not comparing myself to Kalib, Kalib is taking a spot, a spot that someone deserves more than he does. It isn't me thats for sure. Just like the guy hitting .112 he is taking a spot from someone more deserving as well.

 OK, just remember that Kalib, at this time had just gone toe-to-toe with Leben (and Won) and lost due to a cut to Belcher (who was also a big company push)..not like he was a nobody.


Evil Intentions - That is where we differ, if a person puts their job and family to the side (as I believe Kalib did) and triained..I respect him..baseball.

OK,but isnt his job............. to fight? If he is just doing this as kind of a sideline, perhaps he shouldnt be in the biggest show. If you accept the "show" money for fighting, are you not under at least some small obligation to throw a few punches?

What was the other job Kalib put aside so that he could run in circles backwards this evening?