did james toney win last night?

Just some observations watching it again:

Damn Toney would start off strong each round, then slow down, giving Peter a chance to throw some heavy flurries. Even though he missed most of those punches, it was enough to convince the judges to give the round to Peter. Halfway into the round and the last 30 seconds of each round, Peter pressed him back and threw hard hits.

Toney grabbing the rope was weird. It put him in a worse spot than just backing away. Almost like he was showing off how slick he was staying in the flurry of heavy punches.

Toney's shoulder rolling style got him in trouble a few times. He'd turn into the punches sometimes, letting Peter land hard shots near the back of his head and ear, causing some equillibrium shakes.

Toney drew blood from Peter and Toney looked like he just stepped into the ring after round 12.

Peter's point taken away was childish, two double punches to Toney's ears and back of the head when they clinched.

Toney landed cleaner shots.

It was a damn good fight, I just think that a majority of those watching felt Toney had it.

Poor Toney and Rahman. What do they do know? Fight Holyfield :)

I was at that fight. Crowd went nuts when decision came down.

Close fight IMO toney slicker peter hits harder but didnt land many.