Did JBJ even ask for more $$$$?

Im curious to know if he asked for more money and they turned him down or wouldn't give him what he asked for.

If he didn't, he should have. He's pursuing that almighty dollar, this was his chance to make a killing. It's high risk, but the reward and pay off would have been pretty incredible. Now he may have put himself in a bad financial position in the future if he doesn't continue to blow guys outta the water, and become Dana's lap dog.

I can see things from his perspective, but I can also see a massive missed opportunity.

What say you UG? If you were in JBJs shoes, would you ask for more money to fight a new opponent on a weeks notice?

Would you do what he did?
Would you fight without asking for anything extra in return?
If you were to ask for more in return to fight, how much would you ask for?
Would you ask for it to be a non-title bout?

Just curious to know what everyone thinks (other Jon sucks, is a coward, whatever) Phone Post

 No,he did not.