Did joe and Eddie have a falling out?

I’m talking about the volume of his voice and talking and shouting over people but I agree, it was a great one and I think that helped.

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Back in the 2007ish era, when Eddie was the man, his band and his bjj were on fire, plus he smoked weed. I was a huge fan and listened to that shit all the time. I don’t hear or see any of his new music being pushed or I would listen to that, too. Once he got on the podcast it went downhill for me but now I’m back to being a big fan.

Love it

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Loud Eddie involves whiskey and callen and shwab in the room acting like dipshits.
For the record I love me some Loud Eddie.


Has he actually given up weed?

I was literally just about to say that having shwab not there probably helped. I really like the one on one and treating it like a real podcast, if that makes sense.

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Oh, I don’t know my man.

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Sorry I misread your post.

When you said he smoked weed back in the 2007ish era I thought you might of been implying that he doesn’t anymore in 2022.

If so I would of been very surprised at that!

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Yea and my guess is Joe was happy to talk conspiracies as long as he stayed away from Flat Earth and the really crazy stuff. I said Eddie wouldn’t mention flat earth before I started the podcast and sure enough he didn’t say a word about that.

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Missed this, but will add now since below this it’s been brought up about unknown land mass as well.

Moon as we see it now:

Since it is a reflection then we flip the image:

Add some greenery to resemble Earth maps a bit more:

Add water:

Lower right portion is a reflection of Flat Earth. There is a YT video of someone that mapped out time zones, flight patterns, in this breakdown off of a picture of the moon.


Crazy stuff man