Did Karo call Nate a bitch?

Because I think we all know by now that Nate aint no Bitch.


so true.

I think a karo/nick rematch would be the shit.

45%Karo by jd
55%Nick Diaz by tko rd 2.

Nate is not ready for the heat, but would beat Manny handily imo.

nick should stay at 155, he is to small for karo. he even knew that going into the fight. he said it was a bad fight for him. and it showed. but he still put on a hell of a show. the diaz's are warrior's.

I do remember Nick saying it was a bad fight for him.

He didn't turn it down, though, and it was one of the best fights a fan could hope for.

Maybe that is part of the reason he has the fan support that he does.

I respect him.

i wish nick would fight with some dam intensity and explossiveness!!!he would be even better than wut he is!!

DIAZs dont know who they're fucking with.

karo would make the little DIAZ kid his bitch!

Probably just hype though to do an angle on the little judo guy/cousin V Diaz on TUF.


Throw all four of them in the octagon at once.

God I hope last night was just some "tuf scripting". Because Karo was one of my favorite fighters. But he was a complete dick.