Did Lodune lose a tooth?

On that last punch something went flying. Was it a tooth?

vaseline from his cut i think

Looked like a mouthpiece

looked like the vaseline. wasnt big enough to be a mouth piece

I want to know the same thing. Seemed too small to be the mouthpiece...

it was white. It was vaseline.

Lodune's mouthpiece was an ugly pale yellow

they were holding the fence.

BJM was looking pretty portly.

Maybe a little too early, but all in all I think Lodune was done.

BJM ain't pushing himself away from the table that's for sure.

Maybe it was vasoline. I thought it was a tooth at first.

wasn't stopped early at all. Didn't you see how much trouble Lodune had standing up afterward?

"Got anything for a broken heart?"


Maybe it was his codpiece that went flying?

Those were chicklets.

I have to watch the fight again, but at the end, he says something about his tooth to BJM if I heard correctly. As for those saying the fight was stopped early- you're ignorant and thats why you're not a ref. He was ROCKED, He could not even stand, hell of a cross!