Did Machida Die???

wow, he fell down like he was killed

Damn. Phone Post

Agree. Thought he was dead for a moment. Phone Post

nuts lol

once I saw him stumble to his corner to get the cut checked, it was over

Seriously, that was a fucking dangerous looking submission. I really though Machida might have had a broken neck when Jones just threw him on the ground like a rag doll.

Machida never recovered from the elbow to the head. I thought he was winning until then. But damn....two nasty submissions to end the night . Kimura arm break and guillotine that made Lyoto drop like he got shot by a sniper. Phone Post

Jones was able to use that long arm as a lever on Chida's neck..crazy dangerous. Phone Post

 You could actually see him snoring!

Total video game ending. Next level has the Final Boss.

Machida fell out like he got clocked with a shovel