Did Mike Cies. win this weekend?

I have not been able to find results anywhere.  So did Mike Cies of MFS win this weekend.  please help with a ttt.

Yes. from a DEVASTATING Ground and pound assault.



no prob

Of course. Doesn't he always win?

I bumped the "Title Fight Championship" thread and the "Good Luck Mike C. and Joe J." thread to the top! :)

Mike fought a perfect fight according to the gameplan that we worked on and executed it to perfection! :)

Mike C. is a great fighter, and a very nice guy to deal with...He is also fighting in Courage Fighting Championships 5 in Decatur this weekend...He is facing a much better opponent than what he did last weekend...Rich Weeks from Team Sandman..Weeks is a big ripped up guy and is 4-1...Should be a great match....

Chad (or anyone),

Who/where is Team Sandman? Also, Rich's record is 1-1 on FCF database. Who else has he fought besides the two guys listed on there? Any other info for my personal knowledge is appreciated! ;) lol