Did Mir win his superfight?

He was planned to fight some wrestler who pinned The Rock in HS. Or Hulk Hogan, dont remember... anyways whatever happened?

Mir lost

"Mir lost"

ttt for a source

yeah ttt 4 more info

Mir lost his fight with calories.

ttt for Mir eating a 1/4 pounder w/cheese

Took a freak injury.

Was rolling with a guy when he took a toenail to the eyeball. Scratched his cornea, and filled the lower part of his eyeball with blood. Went to the doctor and decided that you know...his sight is worth more than this superfight...considering he has a bigger engagement in the UFC.

just like yuki nakai...maybe he ate yuki nakai..has anyone seen yuki around?

I like Yuki Nakai. I hope Mir didnt eat him. Also Vera is a baaad matchup for Mir.

mir will lose via 1st rnd ko, you heard it here first