Did Native Americans ever create a city?

Wasn’t the latin american indians that taught anal sex to europeans? I mean the women giving the men anal sex, not the gay shit. Can’t find any sources, but I am sure there are. Have any of you heard or read about that?

doesn’t mean her RESEARCH is wrong

that’s probably pretty universal, I think the Ancient Greeks are known for their buggery?

I had an ex who told me she had a native American boyfriend before me and that his penis was so large that it scared her. I asked how big and she did the hand motion and got to like 10 inches and said like that long and really, really thick. I asked for pics but she didn’t have any so I just used my imagination when I fapped. But seriously, she said it was so big she didn’t like it and then patted me on the butt and said “yours is just right.”

Seriously though, is that a thing? Are native bros packin heat or was this guy a one-off?


more so for the gay kind of anal sex.

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for Dryfly:

Sanders a hit at the Native Presidential Candidate forum-----

10 regular people inches or 10 OG inches?

I need clarity.

I met a gal on a flight and she was reading cosmo or one of those mags. Being polite and to make conversation, I asked her what she’s reading. She said she was reading an article that states Indian men tend to have the longest penises on average and Polish men have the thickest penises on average.

We eventually exchanged a greeting where I politely introduced myself as Tonto Smolinski.


Information from historical documents can be easily Cherry picked to promote a narrative. Don’t act like she’s doing chemistry experiments. No reason to trust an academic like her

^I’m sure her works are well researched

am i the only one that recognized that?
Mr anderson

now this is a well thought out post