Did Pat Smith win?

anyone know

No, Shamrock beat him with a heel-hook, right after Smith swore to be the most crasiest and impervious to pain. Sorry for the spoiler.

Oh my bad I misinterpreted your question. He did win, to become the first ever 4 time NCAA champion. Your welcome.

Yeah, but can you believe it? After all that, they still wanted to fight!

He fought this weekend, but thank you for your help. You guys are incredibly insightful.

"This is what it takes to get in here..."

Panting after an early UFC win by berzerker kick.

He said in the postfight interview that he had been working on his groundfighting just a little bit, but not like he should.

hope that helps

I love UFC 6 where Pat runs across the octagon as soon as the fight starts and drops his opponent with a kick to the chest.

Lol @Hybrid Jon

Bwahhhahhahhahah NOT!


C'mon nudmamer that was pretty funny!