did Pele fight Jhun?

i thought this fight was happening this weekend but haven't heard any results. Anyone?

apparently Pele had visa/passport issues and couldnt make the fight

No, it was said the other day that Pele had visa problems. You'd think that after so many fuckign years of this shit he'd finally get it sorted out.

Btw, Pele would have beaten the living fuck out of him if he wasn't too out of shape. That man's knees are insane and he's got the reach of Stretch Armstrong.

p.s. anyone who disagree's with me is clearly a local pidgen turdsucker, and I'm drunk.

oh thanks

Pele is a great fighter when he's focused. His cockiness has led to more than a few losses including a bad one against Murray. I do think he'd beat Jhun pretty bad though.